Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unlock your creativity

I facilitate creativity workshops - 1 day, a weekend and longer. I love doing it and the participants respond positively.

“A life changing experience...The retreat showed me how to kick start my creativity! The retreat gave a wonderful opportunity for expanding horizons, breaking down barriers and pushing the creative comfort zone in a supportive environment.”

“Your facilitation; It was just right’ for me. I enjoyed the quotes, background theory, your insight and personal passion that set the scene and kept pulling us back to the purpose through out the weekend. I enjoyed the varied activities that made you think – e.g. draw using only 7 lines… and found the ‘visualization’ exercises you talked us through very useful for me. I liked the balance with freedom to choose and no requirements to perform or share if you didn't want to - we’re perverse beings - when you don’t have to you usually do!”

“I found the retreat fun and relaxing and I feel that my self-imposed pressure to be creative has gone. I am continuing to feel calm , relaxed and more efficient in all aspects of my life. I have a real feeling of well-being that I haven’t had for a while”

“I think it was a combination of your hands-off approach combined with creative advice or ideas offered when requested, the stimulation of interacting with specific individuals in the group, and the creative atmosphere generated by the group as a whole that caused the magic to happen. The bubbling, buzzing feeling of being part of a group of people all listening to their creative sides at once has to be experienced to be believed!”

The biggest hurdle to people doing a creativity workshop is the word 'creativity'. Peoples perception of 'creativity' and what one does to develop it isn't clear to most.

I like the definition of creativity given by Linda Naiman

"Creativity is the art of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking then producing. If you have ideas, but don't act on them you are imaginative but not creative."

When people ask what happens at a creativity workshop and I reply 'we create' I usually get a funny look followed by another question 'but what do you create?' From my experience of the workshops to date the answer ranges from a painting, a song, a piece of writing, a performance to a new career or a new life.

The workshops use a variety of 'arts' processes to explore the process of creating. This can then be applied to anything one wants to create.

The workshop brochure puts it like this:

All Creative Edge workshops / coaching will provide you with tools, techniques, and strategies that you can use throughout your personal and professional lives to continuously develop your own creative capacity and work in order to make positive improvements in your own life and impact the lives of others.
The interactive exercises during the workshops will focus on ways to:
 Uncover and clarify your personal and creative ambitions
 Explore insights from your unique past and present experiences
 Discover and express your creative strengths and creative potential
 Overcome your fears and creative blocks
 Find inspiration in the world around you
 Share ideas and work collaboratively
 Challenge and stretch your current perception of the world
 Develop a consistent practice of personal and creative development

Now who wouldn't want to do something like that!!

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