Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creativity Habit #6 PLAY

In my new book - The Creative Edge Workshop - PLAY is clearly identified as a habit that creative people exhibit. Creative people give themselves opportunities to be 'child-like' and the 'permission' to play.

Last weekend New Plymouth - my home town - hosted WOMAD [The World of Music and Dance] there were opportunities to play in abundance - and De Stijle Want - a performing group from the Netherlands - led the way.

They presented 'Hek' - the tale of two city workers and a fence, that seem permanently bonded together.

Despite the obvious difficulties and obstacles this entails, the fence serves as a place to sleep, a fitness machine, a musical instrument and a shelter - not to mention - a hazard.

The workers keep dragging it along wherever they travel.

They even involved the audience - me in this case!

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