Monday, April 19, 2010

The Creative Edge - Weekend Creativity Workshop

Seeking to put some creativity into your life?
Seeking to put some life into your creativity?

If you are in New Zealand [or want to visit for the weekend!] and you want to enhance your creativity then this may well be for you.

When: May 29 -30

Where: My home at 693 Carrington Road RD1 New Plymouth

Facilities: You get the run of the house and grounds, the studio and the 'girls' shed and 'boys' shed although we don't restrict their use!

Investment: $225 incl GST, lunches, snacks and some materials plus a copy of my new book.

Special: Do your brain profile and see what your thinking preference is - reduced price for participants.

1 comment:

  1. hello Wayne. So good to see you! Im off to run my workshop tomorrow and I have spent the WHOLE day making a poster of one of the quotes in your incredibly powerful book...the whanau laughed at the 7 hours i took and suggested writing the quote on a whiteboard might have sufficed!! It's the Alice in Wonderland quote. i think your book, no, I KNOW your book is going to help me up and out of feeling stodgy. I feel more focused and inspired. THANK YOU! hugs