Thursday, September 9, 2010

Using your whole brain

This from my friend and whole brain colleague Ken Wall:

I had a conversation last week with one of our NBI practitioners and one of the things we talked about at some length was the question of habits. She told me that in her organisation the NBI was regarded as 'the leadership tool'. She added that for some years now, the NBI has been an invaluable aid to identifying leadership potential using a combination of the Adult, Skills and Leadership profiles.

In another organisation the NBI is used as, "one of the best aids to staff selection and retention we have ever used," according to a senior HR manager. The first company doesn't use the NBI for selection, and the second one doesn't use it for leadership! So maybe the NBI is habit forming? Have you discovered a particular area where the NBI works really well?

With 22 versions of the NBI currently available and more on the drawing board, the range of applications could well be endless. So it would be a shame if your experiences of success in one area of application barred the way to exploring others.

There are many great examples:

The South African netball team achieved a much higher placing than ever before at the last World Cup based on an analysis of thinking preferences required in each position at different stages of the game. In addition the cry of "Play L2" seemed to mystify the opposition!
A major out-going call centre reduced staff turnover, improved retention of top performers and doubled their strike rate by selecting staff based on the NBI profile of the exemplary performer, rather than the profile determined by traditional job analysis methods.
An International wholesale bank showed major improvements in revenue achieved by their Relationship Managers (RMs) dealing with high net worth clients throughout Asia. One RM reported a four fold improvement in revenue, and was delighted to have signed up a key client she had been working on for over a year! The secret? A series of NBI based 'Whole Brain Selling' programs conducted by Rob Devine, Director of the Thinking Network in Singapore.

If you would like to know more about these and the many other success stories involving the NBI, just let us know. And if you are wondering if there might be a potential NBI solution for an issue you are facing, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Yours from the bottom of my brain...

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