Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Zebra

"Red Zebra uses music, dance and creativity to design projects and workshops that are inspirational and unforgettable.

They encourage people to recognise their uniqueness and give them the opportunity to share this with others. They create a situation where differences are valued and viewed as strengths.

In exploring who we are, we discover beautiful similarities, exciting differences and develop new understanding. When we work together, sharing our differences, amazing things are possible.

Using music and creativity, people experience this in a tangible and exciting way. This principle is the foundation of their work."
The above is from the Red Zebra Linked In profile.

For me they are all that and more. I have experienced Mark and Peter from Red Zebra a two creativity conferences in Africa and they have been my highlight both times.

To take a large group of people, many of whom have not played any percussion before, through a 4 hour development workshop, the last two hours of which involve working with percussion, and turn them in to a group that performs to the conference audience as part of evening key notes is extraordinary.

To see the smiles on the performers faces, to feel the energy of the audience and to hear comments such as 'I have to get a photo of this. My family will not belive that I have done this' is testimony to the great work they do.

I'll be back for more next year!

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