Wednesday, December 8, 2010

KInetika - a collaboration between artists and engineers

My home province - Taranaki - is a centre for engineering excellence based around the oil and gas industry. The local Govett Brewster Art gallery also houses a collection of works from Len Lye - an internationally known kinetic artist - kinetic art meaning art that moves. It is also home to a number of exceptional artists. I had the privilege of being part of a group that facilitated a recent exhibition at our local museum - Pukeariki - that explores the fusion of art and engineering.

There were two categories. One where the artist both designed and built their art work. The second category where artists worked with engineers to create the art work. The photos are of works from the second category.

Air Wheel Artist: Libby Wichman Fabricator: Pace Engineering

Soma Cube: Artist: James McKillop Fabricator: Superior Stainless

Sea Leopard: Artist: Jan Huijbers Fabricator: Fitzroy Yachts

All of the engineering companies donated their time, expertise and materials - a real collaboration between art and engineering.

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