Thursday, December 8, 2011

At the Creative Edge

International Creativity Gathering Taranaki New Zealand March 2013
Why creativity?
The creative process is the most successful process for accomplishment in history. In today's world creativity is fundamentally important for our personal, social, economic and cultural well-being. The most important developments in civilisation have come about through the creative process. Without creativity their would be no progress.
Why Taranaki New Zealand?
Creativity happens at the EDGE. New Zealand sits on the EDGE of the world. Taranaki is on the EDGE of New Zealand. It is a creative place - we are known for our engineering and farming innovations, our creative industries and the vibrancy of our arts communities.Our natural environment is stunning.
We are looking at the three days in march that lead in to one of Taranaki's major creative attractions - WOMAD - the World of Music. Arts and Dance. You will be getting six days exposed to imagination, creativity and innovation.
We are seeking expressions of interest - in coming, in running a workshop, in sponsoring / partnering with us to make this a huge success.
We are open to your suggestions, hints, tips, advice, support - let us know via comments here or

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