Sunday, January 29, 2012

How the mind creates ideas

More from Michael Michalko in Psychology Today
"When you are brainstorming for ideas and have a thought, the value of that thought depends upon how you interact with it. We are educated to be critical, judgmental, logical thinkers and to instantly evaluate and judge thoughts based on our past experiences. If there is any ambiguity, the judgment is invariably negative and the thought dissipates back into nothingness. The ordinary mind has no tolerance for ambiguity because it is conditioned to simplify the complexities of life."

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  1. This article got me thinking and seems to be saying that only when we observe a thought does it collapse into a stable form.

    Unfortunatly the observation in the quantum universe changes what is observed because of the light hitting the object observed.

    I don't see how the observation of a thought can have the same effect given that light is not reacting with the thought, or if it is only on a metaphorical level.