Monday, April 23, 2012

Killing Creativity: Why Kids Draw Pictures of Monsters & Adults Don't

Age doesn’t necessarily squander our creative juices, but when we make the leap from elementary school to middle school our worldview becomes more realistic and cynical. The question is: what did Jobs and Spielberg do differently? How do we maintain our naivetĂ©?

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  1. Jobs and Spielberg were probably lucky enough to be involved (enrolled) with either a Torrance programme or something along those lines...

    Or if they didn't, they bent the rules when they got to be teenagers. The time when you don't do weird things like draw monsters, you hang out with friends at coffee shops and start acting like an repressed (oops) regular adult!

    Sorry if my remarks offend; I have just reached a point in my own life where I realise my creativity is now going the way of the "you can't do that you've an elder" :-)