Sunday, July 26, 2009

Performance Anxiety?

In Ten Zen Seconds, Dr. Eric Maisel marries Eastern mindfulness practices and Western cognitive psychology and positive psychology techniques to produce a brand new way of thinking about mindfulness and a new mindfulness practice. Ten Zen Seconds has come from his work with thousands of creative clients in his creativity coaching practice and field tested worldwide.
Eric is the author of more than thirty books. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, Master's degrees in Creative Writing and Counseling, and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. He is a marriage and family therapist, a creativity coach and trainer of creativity coaches, a columnist for Art Calendar Magazine, provides regular segments for Art of the Song Creativity Radio, and teaches Ten Zen Second techniques through lectures, workshops, and tele-seminars.
Eric is widely regarded as America's foremost creativity coach and has taught thousands of creative and performing artists how to incorporate Ten Zen Second mindfulness techniques into their creativity practice. Check it out at
His other books are well worth reading and you might even consider signing up as a client [for free with a coach in training] on his creativity coach training programme.

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