Monday, January 17, 2011

Chris Meek - Creative Recycling

Whilst in Raglan on our holiday adventure I visited a gallery established by the JET Art Collective.

The works that immediately took my eye were created by one of the collectives members - Chris Meek. This what he has to say about his art [from the JET Art Collective web page]:

"I have been producing and exhibiting my artwork for the past 10 years. I describe my work as panel and paint, as I come from the trade of panel beating. I enjoy working with the uncompromising medium of metal and work intuitively on each piece, letting the qualities of the objects dictate the end result. I describe my scrap yard as an overgrown garden, having an endless supply of discarded materials waiting to be reincarnated into artworks. My ideas come from everyday life, especially the moment . I believe the world should ” make do with what it’s got.” This is my way of making a difference. Reuse, reduce , recycle."

Upon enquiring I found that he has a workshop and gallery open to the public.

We visited and were made most welcome by Chris who showed us through his workshop and gallery and talked about the creativity that goes into his work. Thanks Chris.

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