Monday, January 17, 2011

Habits for Creating

In my book The Creative Edge Workshop I identified what my research has suggested are the 6 habits of creative people. Creative people:

1. are OPEN


3. CHALLENGE themselves

4. SEEK out new experiences

5. SURROUND themselves with interesting people and environments


We tried to incorporate these habits into our recent Christmas holiday adevntures. The next few blogs try to capture some of what we experienced.

We slept a couple of nights in a Tipi at camp called Solscape in the beautiful seaside village of Raglan [above]

We met up with our friend Denis and spent time at his hand crafted house and played a bunch of music.

We went sailing in his trimaran - not to mention time spent in Raglans many cafes.

Our journey north took us through Kawakawa where Fredrich Hundervasser designed the local toilets. These would have to be the most creative toilets around.

More to come!

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