Monday, February 28, 2011

The Creative Edge Workshop

There have been lots of hits on my blog recently and the marketing people say I should be making the most of them so . . . . here's a plug for my book The Creative Edge Workshop.

By participating in the activities and completing the workbook you will:

• learn what creativity is.
• learn about the ways in which you are already creative [and expand them].
• learn how to make your life more creative.
• learn how to identify and strengthen aspects of your creative character.
• learn what creative people do [habits] that makes them creative.
• learn how you can expand your creativity by applying the six habits of creative people to your life.
• do practical activities to grow your creativity.
• do it all in your own time and at your own pace.

The Creative Edge Workshop is a sizable, information rich workbook developed by New Zealand creativity consultant Wayne Morris, and honed through many individual and group-based workshops. Whilst retaining and element of fun, it robustly teaches an approach to understanding and building the creative process within any individual, that Morris – a highly creative person in his own right – has developed over many years of exploring. Used with intent, this workbook will help locate the creative inner-you, or act as a sound guide for those who wish to expand the creative potential of others.
Graeme Beals, Publisher, Zenith Publishing Group, 2010

In New Zealand you can get it from me or the publisher Search for creative edge. Overseas go direct to the publisher.

Its around $NZ30 plus postage and packaging.

Go on - you know you would like one!

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