Sunday, February 13, 2011


If you land on this blog from cyber-space you may be able to help me.
For several years I have been running creativity workshops [and speaking at creativity focused conferences] - 1 day, 2 day and 5 day -both in New Zealand and overseas. I love doing them. The feedback has been great.

In all sectors of our society there is a call for more creativity, more innovation - but very little actually seems to be being done about it. I would like to do more and perhaps you might be able to help me.
Each workshop needs a minimum of 10 people who are willing to explore their creativity at a venue conducive to being creative - the best ones being bush, beach or inner city.
I run the local ones from my home.
If you are in New Zealand you can come to me or I can come to you. If you organise a workshop you get a free place. I will also consider overseas requests.

Email me on if you would like more information.

If you know of any people or organisations that might like to have a workshop let them know or put them in touch with me.

Danny Gregory wrote a book I wished I had written. It is called ‘The Creative Licence’. He starts it off by saying:

“Too many people seem to feel they are not creative. They’d love to write or draw or paint or dance or act or play music but are afraid to even try. Some of them wish they could be more creative professionally, but have taken a career path that makes it seem impossible. Others have begun to dabble in creative matters but somehow find themselves blocked or limited or lost and need help to break through.”

If you want to put more creativity into your life or more life into your creativity then the creativity workshops are for you.

Thanks for your help.

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