Sunday, September 11, 2011

Help Wanted

For the last few years I have been facilitating very successful creativity workshops here in New Zealand and at the ACRE Conferences in South Africa.

Here are some participant comments:

"Outstanding - one of the best sessions I have been to at any creativity conf; Excellent, practical, life-changing."

“The Retreat gave me a chance to refocus on what creativity is and more paths to get there. The 'team' shared - but did not invade private spaces. We all had different focuses and interests yet the same goals.”   

“Space to reflect, connect, play in the ‘I can’t ‘ or haven’t before. Move out of comfortable known places into creative, dynamic diamonds.”                                              
“I now know my creative impulse is valid thanks to conversations, humour, support from all at the retreat, particularly Wayne as guide / facilitator. Self belief gives creativity one heck of a boost.”  

“A weekend of insight and the bonus of some fun.”

“Really good creative and interactive sessions in a safe environment. New relationships, heightened perception and lots of laughs made it a great retreat.”     

Stretching. Encouraging. Great food. Great company.”                                            

“The days of the retreat gave me the time to unlock my personal box to look outside the square into the endless possibilities of creative expression. It was a fizzing, bubbling time of creative action prompted by Wayne's enabling guidance.”

“A life changing experience... The retreat showed me how to kick start my creativity! The retreat gave a wonderful opportunity for expanding horizons, breaking down barriers and pushing the creative comfort zone in a supportive environment.”

“For me, this is what I’ve taken from the retreat - lovely friendships., inspiration, joy, freedom, energy, a new way of looking at life, a fresh sense of fun and mischief.”

“From a percussion point of view... The exploration has begun! Coffee tins, bits of pipe, broom sticks, cooking utensils, 1/2 a glass of water etc have all become percussion instruments... Everyday items go from mundane to exciting when you ask yourself "I wonder what that sounds like if I give it a bash?"

“Your facilitation; It was ‘just right’ for me. I enjoyed the quotes, background theory, your insight and personal passion that set the scene and kept pulling us back to the purpose through out the weekend. I enjoyed the varied activities that made you think – e.g. draw using only 7 lines… and found the ‘visualisation’ exercises you talked us through very useful for me.  I liked the balance with freedom to choose and no requirements to perform or share if you didn’t want to (we’re perverse beings. – when you don’t have to you usually do!)”

"In the random beauty of the beach I discovered that even seeming chaos has elements of structure that I found engaging. I had FUN but also time for reflection and time to be creative and time to be still. One word that sums up my experience would be 'energising'."

“I found the retreat fun and relaxing and I feel that myself imposed pressure to be creative has gone. I am continuing to feel calm, relaxed and more efficient in all aspects of my life. I have a real feeling of well-being that I haven’t had for a while”

“Had a walk on the beach yesterday where I would usually avoid the stretch of pebbles. I walked straight over them and enjoyed the "music" they made, making up songs as I went.”

“A great eye-opener weekend on being ourselves and part of the team. Fun, informative and creative.”

“Thanks Wayne for a great weekend - positive and inspiring. Also highly educational regarding learning and behavioural characteristics. We are all    behaving in an 'above the line' manner at all times now.”

"Wayne did a great job of creating a supportive space for the creative process and then did a great job of not getting in the way of it! I had great fun playing with my creativity and the creativity of others. Everyone should do this!"

“Thanks Wayne for a great weekend - positive and inspiring. Also highly educational regarding learning and behavioural characteristics. We are all be having in an 'above the line' manner at all times now.”

“A fun and fascinating weekend conducted by Wayne which inspired me to put some creativity back into my life.”

“I think it was a combination of your hands-off approach combined with creative advice or ideas offered when requested, the stimulation of interacting with specific individuals in the group, and the creative atmosphere generated by the group as a whole that caused the magic to happen. The bubbling, buzzing feeling of being part of a group of people all listening to their creative sides at once has to be experienced to be believed!”

“Wow - creativity where I thought there was none and lots of fun. Thanks.”

 I am keen to run them in other parts of the world but am unsure how to make that happen - so if you are reading this and have some suggestions please let me know.

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