Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Art of Change

Put 25 people in a church hall, give them a range of materials and some brief instructions and you have the recipe for creative transformation.

Jonathan and Alice from the Learning Connexion helped us to explore a transformational process that could then be applied to other areas of our lives.

The workshop's stated goal was for each participant to "identify the idea of fun through creative art processes, crossing sensory boundaries - from thought into dialogue and written word; from 2D and 3D art processes into public commentary, and evaluation of the transformational process itself."

After setting the topic "What gives you the most fun/joy/celebration in your life?" Alice walked us through a bunch of questions to get us to involve all our senses - questions like:

  • What do you do for fun? Why

  • What does it feel like?

  • What does it smell like?

  • What does it taste like?

  • What does it sound like?

  • What movement, shape, touch, sense captures this?

We played with our theme using 2D materials in the morning and 3D materials in the afternoon. People surprised themselves. Check it out if the workshop comes to a place near you. More information on

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  1. creativity is easy but NZ is a highly censored society, before creativity is allowed in public there will have to be some big changes, personally I left