Sunday, June 14, 2009

Robbie's New Toys

Robbie Duncan has some new toys. Robbie loves to play with his new toys. Robbie runs Braeburn Recording Studio from his home in Wellington. In fact the recording studio takes up half the house that he and his partner Chris live in. It has stunning views over Wellington Harbour.

I drove to Wellington a week or so ago to see a percussion group called STOMP - fantastic - and while in Wellington a friend asked if I would put some percussion tracks on a couple of songs he recorded at Braeburn. We did that then Robbie suggested we play.

Now Robbie's toys are very sophisticated electronic ones ones used for recording. My toys are much more basic - things that one hits to make sounds. So we played - me on a variety of percussion and Robbie on his sound stuff. We made a CD of percussion tracks. The CD will never see the light of day but that's not the point - the point is that we played, were creative, bounced ideas off each other, collaborated to get the best we could out of each other - and had lots of fun doing it. If you want to be creative in a recording studio contact Robbie at

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