Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creative Practice

Take 9 gorgeous women, put them together in a stunning beach side property, throw in a spa pool, great food and wine, and dancing and what do you have?
A creativity retreat of course.
Anne O'Donnell and her team from Havelock Physiotherapy [www.havelockphysiotherapy.co.nz] took themselves off for a weekend of creativity at Waimarama Beach in the Hawkes Bay.

I had the privilege of facilitating the weekend.
We talked about what creativity is and discovered ways in which we were already creative.
We explored individual behaviour styles and what it means to stay 'above the line'.
We drew and we painted.
We took time out for ourselves.

We walked [danced?] along the beach looking for inspiration for art works.

We improvised performances [and costumes!]

We created 'sound' performances.
We danced to the Queens Birthday DVD - yep you read that right!!
We sang and performed.
We took time out for ourselves.

And the spa pool - well - it was never used!

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