Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creative Skills Training Council

The Creative Skills Training Council is an on-line community of creative practitioners made up of business executives, academics, designers, artists, behavioural and cognitive scientists involved in advancing the practice of creative skills and capabilities development in business, organizations and government through aesthetic processes and creativity thinking tools and systems.

This is a collection of blogs kept by individual CSTC members that include essays, comments, advice and links on all matters creative.

Gary Bertwistle, The Idea Vault, Sydney Australia
Robert Alan Black, Georgia, USA (Weekly Creative Challenges)
Keith De La Rue. Acknowledge Consulting. Melbourne Australia
Bob Eckert, New and Improved, New York, USA
Andy Eklund Creative Streak Sydney Australia
Gregg Fraley, Chicago, USA
Tim Hurson, ThinkX, Toronto, Canada
Ralph Kerle. Creativity Matters. Sydney. Australia
Viv McWaters, Beyond the Edge, Australia
Wayne Morris. Future Edge, New Zealand.
Linda Naiman, Creativity at Work, Vancouver, Canada
Des Walsh, Social Media Strategist, Gold Coast, Australia

It has also just recently established an on-line shop. Here is the CSTC Shop link
You can buy my book "The Creative Edge - Putting creativity into your life - Putting life into your creativity' at the shop.

The site is worth checking out at

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