Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Conference - Swelled Head!

This morning I received comments and feedback from the brilliant conference organising team of Kobus, Inge, Ronnie and Ena, that people made about the 15th Annual International Creativity Conference that I attended in South Africa in October.

"Contrary to the predictions of the prophets of doom (re the world economy!), ACRE 15 was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable conferences and gratifying experiences. The atmosphere could not have been better, the delegates were excited and full of praise - we are so grateful!
A few of the comments which we have received:
"Thank you for even thinking of bringing such a brilliant conference concept to our country! I feel very inspired and hopeful as a South African whenever I think of people like yourselves who try to do their bit for the good of our country."
"Travelling to South Africa for the conference was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I had a wonderful time. I know that I left a piece of my heart in Klein Kariba!"
"I wonder if I'll ever see such a group of enthusiastic, motivated, inspired people again!"
"I would like to thank you and your team for a mind blowing week at ACRE 15. I couldn't get enough - and still can't. Well done!"
"Just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you - it was absolutely wonderful. Hopefully I'll persuade my company to send more delegates next year"
"Please send me the dates of ACRE 16 - I want to diarise it immediately for myself and my company".
"As soon as you have the dates for next year's conference, please let me know - I want to organise my diary now not to miss it!" Etc etc etc.
And then there's the swelled head bit!
I facilitated a workshop that focused on making creativity a habit.
"As far as your evaluations are concerned:
1: The presenter covered the content as described in the programme
2. Presenter was well prepared and delivered session with confidence
3. Delegate's overall impression of the presentation

Q.1: 35 Excellent; 3 Very good;
Q.2: 36 Excellent; 2 Very good;
Q.3: 34 Excellent; 4 Very good
Great session - great style of presenting;
Great session - I'm going to start changing my bad habits!;
Great delivery - many applications - useful for education as well as companies;
Perfect session for the morning after - kept me awake;
Great stuff - best session of the conference which I attended;
Want more sessions like this - should be a 4 hr presenter;
Most enjoyable;
One of my best;
The best I attended this week;
Excellent - 4 hrs for him - Please come back next year;
Would recommend it to anyone;
A very well presented programme;
Outstanding - one of the best sessions I have been to at any creativity conference;
Excellent, practical, life-changing."

I'll definitely be back!! and you can get the workshop manual on a disc by emailing me It costs $NZ15 plus $NZ5 post and packaging anywhere in the world. Pay by PayPal.

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