Monday, October 26, 2009

Tuks Creative

One of the highlights of the 15th International Creativity Conference in South Africa was the work of Annalie Botha and her students from the Tuks Creative Student Society of the University of Pretoria.
The theme chosen for the conference was The Sixties and one of the banners summed it up - If you can remember the sixties you probably weren't there.
The students who numbered maybe 25 carried this theme so well - they welcomed, performed, mimed - they just added so much to the conference. The students energy was well matched by Annalie's own energy.
Tuks Creative offers opportunities to students to participate in street theatre, children's theatre, art festivals and so on. In Annalie's words: "I believe that these future teachers will be able to link the theory of the academic world and the [practice of the real world, and that they will be able to use their critical thinking skills to bring magic and fun back into the classroom and touch the hearts of our children."
Alan Black from the US, Ken Wall from Australia and me, from New Zealand, had the privilege and pleasure of working with these students.
Wish I had teachers like these students are going to be!!

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