Friday, October 16, 2009

South African Creativity

South Africa is a country of contrasts and has left a lasting impression on me. Its creative potential is extraordinary.

I have just returned from attending and presenting at the 4th International Creativity Conference for Educators and the 15th International Creativity Conference.

Prior to the conference presenters were invited to stay at Neethling's Place, sometime home and workplace of Dr Kobus Neethling, the founder of the conferences - and what a wonderful occasion it was. Apparently Neethlings Place was originally a film school and set for the movie The Gods Must be Crazy. The scene then was well set for a bunch of internationals to gather and relax a little prior to the conference.

The hospitality shown by Kobus and his team was just wonderful.
Known internationally for his work on creativity Kobus is also responsible for the development of the Neethling Brain Instrument. The Brain Profile is in essence the synopsis or summary of the person’s thinking preferences at a specific time in his/her life. Because the point of departure is ‘thinking preferences’, it is important to note that there are no bad or wrong profiles. The Brain Profile is a descriptive, non-judgmental analysis, with no profile being better or worse than another. Instead, the profile gives a description of an individual’s thought preferences, and recommendations are made based on those preferences.
These recommendations could focus on: personal development; subject or career choices; lifestyle changes; business improvements; personal relationships; improving education and sport achievements; parenting; leadership and management; plotting the future and many other possibilities.
More about this instrument in future blogs.

Now back to Neethlings Place. It was here I was introduced to the South African BBQ - the Braai - which seems to be an excuse to sing songs, drink and eat meat. I'm sure there is more to it than that but for a simple antipodean lad that was enough. Thanks to all for making me feel very welcome!!


  1. Welcome back Wayne - we look forward to the insights - just a pity we cannot hear of theirs as I have no doubt you served to present fresh ideas and challenge some of their angles and perspectives!

  2. Hello Fraser

    Nice to hear from you. The conference was superb and being a tourist in Cape Town was great. A country of contrasts and organised chaos while the infrastructure is being upgraded for the World Cup next year. Will catch up soon.