Friday, August 6, 2010

Arts at the Centre

The link to this presentation was provided by Jonathan Milne of the Learning Connexion. Jonathan and the Learning Connexion do put the arts at the centre - of everything.

It is a presentation done by Bob and Michele Root-Bernstein for the UNESCO Second World Conference on Arts Education held in Seoul.

From their introduction:

So, here’s our argument: the arts are at the center of creative imagination
and should be at the center of any attempt to educate for creativity. We will
support this by demonstrating four theses that have formed the backbone of
much of our research:
1) arts and crafts underpin innovation in science and technology;
2) scientists can invent new arts and artists can discover new sciences
3) arts and crafts correlate with creativity in all disciplines, from literature
to business; and
4) they do so because they involve mastery of creative process and its
cognitive “tools for thinking.”

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