Monday, August 30, 2010

Creativity in South Africa

In October I travel back to South Africa to deliver some workshops at the 5th Annual Creativity Conference for Educators and the 16th International Creativity Conference.
Its a real treat to be among some of the best creative minds on the planet.
This time I am also running a one day workshop after the conference, organised by a colleague in South Africa, Francois Coetzee. This is a new workshop and I am very excited about it.

I have called it IMAGINATION FIRST after the title of a book that had a great influence on my thinking. The authors are Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon.

Each participant will be getting a copy of my new workbook The Creative Edge Workshop [available from ]

The programme is a one day interactive exploration of imagination, creativity and innovation .

Imagination might be defined as the capacity to conceive what is not; creativity as applied iumagination and innovation, novel and useful creativity.
The workshop is based around some underlying assumptions:

“Imagination comes first. It must. Until we have the emotional and intellectual capacity to conceive of what does not yet exist, there is nothing toward which we are to direct our will and resources”
Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon

Without imagination there can be no creativity, no innovation.

“The next ten years will require people to think and work across boundaries into new zones that are totally different from their areas of expertise . They will not only have to cross those boundaries, but they will also have to identify opportunities and make connections between them.”
Clement Monk Designer

“Many engineering / scientific deadlocks have been broken by people who are not engineers / scientists at all. This is because perspective is more important than IQ. The ability to make big leaps of thought is a common denominator among the originators of breakthrough ideas. Usually this ability resides in people with very wide backgrounds, multidisciplinary minds, and a broad spectrum of experiences.”
Nicholas Negroponte MIT

Insanity is doing the same things over and over hoping the results will be different. If you want to different results you have to think different and do different. You become more imaginative by being more imaginative! You become more creative by being more creative! You come more innovative by being more innovative!

This workshop will help you do that.

As a participant you will:

• identify the strengths and weaknesses of your creative character
• identify and practice ways of growing your creative character
• identify and practice the six habits of creative people
• identify which habits are supporting your creativity and plan to enhance them
• identify which habits are undermining your creativity and develop strategies for creating better ones
• apply a range of tools and techniques that will improve your ability to imagine, create and be more innovative
• be challenged
• have fun [compulsory!!]

If you would like a similar workshop then please let me know.

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