Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stalemate - Mate!

This from my Aussie colleagues and friends in the Whole Brain Thinking Network www.thinkingnetwork.com.au

In Australia we have a stalemate - or maybe we should call it a draw - with the results of the General Election held last weekend. Neither of the two major parties have a big enough majority to create the new Government, so there's lots of negotiation going on with the independents, who hold the balance of power.

It's hard to believe that there is no alternative solution. Things like this happen every day in business of course. How are those issues resolved? What happens if there is a draw in the Boardroom?

Unfortunately, as with the political scene, the one with the most power often comes out on top. And power can come in many forms: a person's position, money, backing, followers or sometimes even popular opinion. The real problem with power is that it assumes that someone is 'right' and therefore the other side is 'wrong'. Our election result at this stage shows that the public think each side is equally right - and therefore of course equally wrong!

What would happen if we could replace power and black and white opinions with creative and critical thinking that focused on a new way of working? One of the independents suggested something similar yesterday and was considered immediately labelled naïve by both parties and political commentators! Creative thinkers in business are often labelled naïve by the 'old hands' who love the status quo.

The word 'immediate' lives comfortably with the word 'power'. Powerful people want immediate results. Creative thinkers want to search, enquire and explore; characteristics which are often considered wasteful by poor leaders.

Yet the evidence tells a different story. Where creativity has been given a chance the results speak for themselves. Massive and often unbelievable reductions in delivery times, quality improvement, shorter processing times and improved customer satisfaction have resulted from the marriage of creative and critical thinkers and a good supply of the best techniques and tools of the trade - the thinking trade.

Our starting point has always been - and will continue to be - an understanding of the thinking preferences of those involved. To do this we use the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI). The results are shared and explained with the group and a much better understanding of each others preferred thinking processes gives rise to better use of resources and a willingness to explore new ways of thinking and working.

Who do you know that might be living in stalemate? Is it happening at work? Are some of your clients 'stuck' with a problem? Is there a battle with parents and children trying to determine the 'right' way forward?

If there is a genuine will to improve things, the NBI can help in all these situations by forming a sound basis for understanding each other and moving forward with creative ideas with critical assessment.

Maybe it could even work with politicians!

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