Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go! The Art of Change

Jonathan Milne founded the Learning Connexion some twenty years ago. He wrote Go! The art of change last year. The book encapsulates his philosophy of creativity and the central place the arts have in developing it.
From Jonathan: "Creativity can transform lives and change the world. In the context of nature it is called evolution. It is the process of effective change. It is about the beauty of shifting to more elegant forms of action."
He lists what he has learned about creativity and creative people over the years. If you want the detail you'll have to buy the book.
1. Everyone has something to contribute to the creative process
2. Creativity is not just about the arts
3. Creative people are conservative and radical at the same time
4. Creativity needs big energy and incubation
5. Naivete [or innocence] features in creativity
6. Creative people have a high tolerance for ambiguity
7. Creative people may be both introverted and extroverted
8. Creative people seem to defy stereotyping
9. Creative people are typically passionate and critical
10. Creative people have the ability to ride through negative response to their work [even though they may feel deeply hurt]
11. A strong value base helps creativity
12. Creative people can experience a high degree of emotional friction, yet they may be more stable than they seem
13. Creative people learn to trust their intuition
14. Creative people are willing to make mistakes
15. Creative people have an unusual relationship with society as a whole. They may be seen as fools or heroes.
16. Creative people cause heaps of trouble
17. Positive creativity tends to endure; negative creativity tends to burn itself out.

You can check out what goes on at the Learning Connexion at www.tlc.ac.nz

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