Friday, May 22, 2009

Entrepreneurial Summit - Creativity at Work

Put 100 entrepreneurs in a room for a day under the following conditions:
  • ideas had to be submitted prior to the day

  • any idea must be able to be implemented within 18 months

  • the idea must contribute to national or regional growth, and

  • attract funding from the private sector

This is what happened last week in Auckland, New Zealand.

With more than 170 ideas pre-submitted, these were whittled down to a top 5.

These were:

  • Tourists buy a $10,000 debit card which must be spent in New Zealand and have their airfare to New Zealand free from anywhere in the world.

  • Establish a capital fund to attract investors to help fund the growth phase of small to medium businesses

  • Transfer the funds presently used to poison possums [about $200 million a year] to pay for trappers to collect the skins for processing into high value products

  • Reform the present research and development system to help bring ideas more quickly to market, and

  • Encourage a national positive attitude through a campaign dubbed 'Give it a go, bro!' This would include an advertising campaign and youth education. More about this in a later blog

Lets see which ones fly!!

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