Saturday, May 23, 2009

Innovation is everyone's business

In this economic climate we have an innovation imperative - the old ways of doing things are no longer viable. We need to encourage innovation and its foundation skill - creativity - in all of our organisations.
To do this we need to encourage those people who fill the following roles in our organisations:

  • Creative thinker: produces new ideas

  • Innovator: brings the new ideas to market and/or makes changes to an established product or service

  • Inventor: comes up with new and potentially commercial ideas. Often combines both creative thinker and innovator.

  • Entrepreneur: conceives or receives ideas and turns them into business realities. Often uses other people's brains or other people's money to develop a market opportunity

  • Intrapreneur: takes hands-on responsibility for creating innovation in an organisation.

  • Champion: picks up an idea, not necessarily their own, and runs with up. Shows commitment and tenacity in seeing it developed properly and successfully implemented

  • Sponsor: Gives an idea the backing it deserves - often a senior person who believes in it and influences people to clear the way and help overcome obstacles as it is taken to realisation. [Source: Effcetive Innovation by John Adair]

Who in your organisation plays these roles?

Which of these roles do you play?

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