Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lost English Positives

My friend Penni turned 50 a little while back.

Now Penni is a very creative person with a bunch of very creative friends. That's Penni in the photo [with the long hair and gumboots]

One of them shot a video of the Tahora Balloon launch - a gift from another friend and launched at Penni's birthday. You can see it on Youtube - Tahora Balloon.

Another friend - Droid - wrote a 'first time I met Penni ' speech using [not using??] Lost English Positives. If you don't know what Lost English Positives are read the story.

If you still don't know - never mind!!

It was a dark and stormy night
And although I’d left in a state of array
By the time I arrived at the promptu party
There were two ways about it:
I was maculate and peccable.
Furling my wieldy umbrella
I stepped chalantly through the door.
One person in particular stood out:
Her hair was kempt, her clothes shovelled
And she moved in a gainly manner.
She was descript, ruly and draggled.
I was plussed -
I’d seen anything like her a told number of times.
Although persona grata and a sung hero
I was something to sneeze at
And you could hold a candle to me,
So it was evitable that we should meet.
“Skin off my nose”, I said to myself.
Then someone petuously offered me a drink
Which I advertantly gurgitated.
It did me some good at all.
After a terminable wait, I was capacitated.
This was new hat to me.
I had givings!
With swerving loyalty
I walked straight up to her.
“I’m Droid, I molish houses”
I said, consolately.
She looked me up and down with bridled passion;
“I’m underwhelmed”, she replied
But offered me another drink.
I was gruntled.

Much better than Found English Negatives I think !!

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