Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creativity Retreats

I love facilitating creativity workshops and retreats - and it seems the participants like doing them as well.

A little while ago I ran one for Anne and her team from Havelock Physiotherapy.

Here's some of their feedback:

A weekend of insight and the bonus of some fun! Julie

Wow - creativity where I thought there was none and lots of fun. Thanks. Leanne

A great eye-opener weekend on being ourselves and part of the team. Fun, informative and creative. Viv

Thanks Wayne for a great weekend - positive and inspiring. Also highly educational regarding learning and behavioural characteristics. We are all be having in an 'above the line' manner at all times now! Anne

A fun and fascinating weekend conducted by Wayne which inspired me to put some creativity back into my life! Beth

If you would like to have a creativity workshop or retreat and want to know more you can email me at or check out my web site Hit the create button and check out the retreat details.

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