Sunday, August 16, 2009

From the Morph Team: "Morph is an alternative approach to art and culture. Morph is here to show that there's more to the arts than work seen in a gallery or performed on a stage; that creative geniuses abound in every guise; that art does not have to be elitist or high-brow to live up to the label; that life is encrusted with fine jewels of creative thinking; that artists are seers capable of transforming a society fast becoming one dimensional; that art encompasses all visions and emotions it is celebratory, analytical, critical, prophetic, heretic and breaks down barriers to the way the world is viewed. Morph promotes and celebrates local culture with a small is beautiful pro-community philosophy. Morph makes it possible to believe that the world we live in does not have to be a continued reproduction of earlier generations, an amble to planetary immolation; that there are alternative, creative ways of viewing and living in the world. MORPH was started by the Depot Artspace who wanted to share the privilege of exposure to so much significant city talent; artists, writers, poets, musicians, inventors, creative thinkers, skateboarders, BMXers and surfers. Everyone DOES have a creative bone in their body. Creating is as essential as breathing but maybe less evident because too many rules involving power brokers and gate keepers have put creativity into a small box and labelled it elite.Morph is about liberation of the creative spirit and that's why we are wide open to everything. Morph welcomes your input in any form: interviews, social commentary, poetry, photography, cartoons, illustrations and ideas all add to MORPH's identity.True to its name Morph will continue to transmogrify along with time, circumstance and perspective that you, Morph reader, are able to bring to it. We have shifted from being a print magazine to an online only magazine. This site feature many of the articles in the six print editions of Morph over the years. Copies of most editions are keep in stock and are available on request."

Check it out! There's even something in it for us old folks!!

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  1. Many thanks Wayne for putting us out there! Our December columns are now online...