Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Neethling Brain Instruments

I accepted an invitation to speak at a creativity conference in South Africa last October. Whilst at the conference I met Kobus Neethling from South Africa and Ken Wall from Australia.
Ken introduced me to a suite of whole brain thinking instruments that Kobus had developed.
I had not seen anything quite like them before.

The aim of the NBI suite is to help individuals understand their thinking preferences and the implications so they can make personal and professional decisions that result in increased performance, productivity, and satisfaction.

Use of the NBI™ can help individuals and organisations to:

Increase individual productivity
Enhance organisational performance
Strengthen customer and client relationships
Establish better job and person matching
Build and lead effective teams

Thinking preferences give an indication of how an individual:

Does business
Acts toward other people
Solves problems
Makes decisions

I liked them so much that I am soon to become the New Zealand agent for them.
So watch this space.
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