Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Tahora Diaries - Habits for Creating

Going to festivals like Tahora reinforces my research findings that creative people have habits that support their creativity.
I have talked about these in past blogs but they need reinforcing.

Creative people are OPEN.
They live with a sense of curiosity where every moment is an opportunity for learning and where existing mental models and beliefs are temporary and flexible.
Creative people COLLECT.
They catch and preserve their thoughts and ideas. They collect other creative people and stuff!!
Creative people CHALLENGE.
They give themselves challenging problems to solve.

Creative people SEEK.
They seek out new experiences, with the understanding that the more diverse their experiences the more interesting the interconnections.

Creative people SURROUND.
They surround themselves with interesting people, things and environments.

Creative people PLAY.
They give themselves opportunities to to 'childlike' and the 'permission' to play.

Festivals like Tahora offer opportunities for creative people to reinforce and expand their habits for creating. Long may they continue.

PS: I still have few draft copies of my book on disc about ways of developing habits for creating - The Creative Edge. Putting creativity in your life. Putting life in your creativity. It'll be published later this year and will be a lot more expensive.
Let me know if you want one and I'll send you the details


  1. Having attend Tahora for the first time, I left with the impression on how perfect it was. Time stood still, no cellphones or outside influence, just a great collection of people, beautiful festival site and great music.

    It was like a tonic, will be there with bells on next time, perfect way to break in to the next decade.

    Well done Wayne on your neat blog site and for provoking thoughts on creativity.


  2. Just a big happy playful tribe, hehe

  3. Hey great site on Tahora and Creativity Wayne.

    Thanks for the musical memories!


    Wayne Gillespie