Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Tahora Diaries - Working with Wood

Gary Steel uses and sells woodworking tools But these are not your usual range of tools. Gary brought his tools to Tahora and worked on the Tahora dragon over the period of the festival. I have carved and sculpted wood for around 30 years and I have never seen tools as effective as these.
From the katools website: Steel Toolz Ltd offer a unique range of carving products and tools in New Zealand to cut and shape wood and other materials. Most tools can be mounted on a regular 4” (115mm) grinder, others stand-alone such as the sanding and polishing systems. Manufactured and developed in the USA by King Arthur's Tools all our products are patented and have distinct safety and performance features. These tools are unmatched in the industry for safety, durability and cost effectiveness.

Check them out!

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