Friday, January 8, 2010

The Tahora Diaries - Wayne Gillespie

Wayne Gillespie wins awards for the songs he writes.

You can read all about that on his web site.

It had been 23 years since Wayne had been to Tahora.
It was great to have him back.

In between times he also did a psych degree research project on the personality of rock musicians. Seems like they do have them!

I went to his song-writing workshop.
Here are some snippets of wisdom from a very fine singer song writer.
"A major writing block for singer songwriters is happiness."
"Songwriters start asking if it is good way too soon."
"2 traps for songwriters - thinking everything you write is great and accepting that a song is good enough even when something is not working."
"I can't write a song if I'm not moved."
"No-one can write a song if you don't make time for it."
"Separate the creator from the editor."
"Get used to brainstorming and make a dick of yourself!!"

And the best thing - I got to play with him!! Talk about mixing with the rich and famous - well famous anyway!
That's me on the 'crate' [ a busking type drum kit] and Brendan Power [more about him in later blog] on harmonica.

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