Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Tahora Diaries - Ukulele

Sarah's job was to produce a CD of Tahora Ukulele performances. That's her with the blond hair at Mik Gough's ukulele workshop.
This honour was thrust upon her. Not having done anything like this before it caused her some consternation.

Working with performers is a bit like herding cats so after having timetabled various acts to meet to perform in the wool shed and involving the very obliging Keith Ellett and his small high tech recording machine the recording sessions - individuals, duos and large groups - took place over the duration of the festival.

Peter Charlton Jones used his recording skills to engineer the raw material into a finished product on his Apple Mac.

The question on every one's lips now is 'Have we got a hit and how many thousands can we sell?"
Watch this space.

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